Marylebone Dry Cleaners

City dry cleaners offer a specialist service for ties and scarves, fine silks, designer garments, fine wool suits, lingerie, ball gowns and everyday wear including enims, casualand sports attire in Marylebone. Now there is no need to even pick up or drop off their clothes and bits and peices because we will do all that for.


Whether it’s dry cleaning, our shirt service, laundry and fine linen, curtains and soft furnishings, leather and suede, or tailoring alteration and repair, we have professionals staff , highly skilled to take care of our customers.


City dry cleaning we offer a wide variety of services including dry cleaning & laundry & linens, alterations and shoe repairs, wedding gowns cleaned, preserved and storage packed in hand made boxes, leather and most hand made items.


City Dry Cleaners have professional talior staff takecare of your alteration service is available for a wide range of clothing for men, women and children.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed each and every time. Whether you need a personal service at home or you are a corporate client, City Dry Cleaner will be able to take care of all your needs.